CASE STUDY: South Carolina, US 25-Greenville County

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A one-mile section of US 25 in Greenville County had been a cause for concern for the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) for many years. Located in rural, mountainous terrain, and often subject to inclement weather including rain, snow, ice, and fog, US 25 carries traffic on two lanes in each direction and is separated only by a damaged and brittle concrete barrier. 

CASE STUDY: West Virginia Horizontal Curves

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West Virginia was experiencing a high number of run-off-the-road crashes throughout their highway network. To combat this problem, West Virginia has applied a High Friction Surface treatment to more than 20 sites.

CASE STUDY: Pennsylvania, District 5 and 8

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In the past five years, Pennsylvania has experienced nearly 200 fatalities and 500 major injuries each year involving crashes on slippery or wet pavement. Nationally, more than 25 percent of highway fatalities occur at or near horizontal curves each year, even though these curves only make up 5 percent of the nation’s highway miles.