Part 2. Volume 7, Section 5 (HD 37/99) Overview

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Experience over the last 30 years in the UK has shown these surfacings to be highly effective in reducing traffic accidents on sites with high traffic density and skidding risk. Typical sites are the approaches to signal
controlled junctions, to roundabouts and pedestrian crossings subject to a heavy flow of vehicles. For the length of high friction surfacing necessary, reference should be made to Table 3.1 HD 36 (DMRB 7.5.1) and accompanying notes.

Part 1. Volume 7, Section 3 (HD 28/04)

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This Standard describes how the provision of appropriate levels of skid resistance for trunk roads will be managed. It details how measurements of skid resistance are to be made and interpreted and is complemented by HD 36 (DMRB 7.5.1), which sets out advice on surfacing material characteristics. This latest revision has changed requirements for setting investigatory levels, for annual SCRIM surveys, for determining the characteristic SCRIM coefficient and has further updates in line with current policy