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See the future of roadway safety infrastructure at ATSSA’s 49th Annual Convention & Traffic Expo

New Products Rollout event features latest innovative roadway safety infrastructure technology

Fredericksburg, Va. (January 25, 2019) – The future of roadway safety infrastructure innovation will be showcased at the American Traffic Safety Services Association’s (ATSSA) 49th Annual Convention & Traffic Expo, in Tampa, Florida on Feb. 8-12, 2019.

The New Products Rollout (NPRO) is an opportunity to see 15 of the latest in roadway safety infrastructure devices. During the event, participating companies will give presentations on their products throughout the day. NPRO presentations will be held Feb. 10, 1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on ATSSA’s Traffic Expo floor at the Tampa Convention Center Exhibit Hall, Booth #148. Check out the presentation schedule.

ATSSA’s 49th Annual Convention & Traffic Expo is the premier event for roadway safety professionals in North America. The event brings together over 3,500 roadway safety professionals, transportation officials, business leaders, government officials, manufacturers, corporate roadway department personnel, and other industry professionals from around the world.

Learn more about the products included in the NPRO event:

  • Guardian Smartflagger – Site 2020's Guardian Smartflagger is a patented live video vision system, proprietary software and the modular design enables a single trained operator to manage an entire site from a safe location.
  • Solar Advanced Warning Systems (SAWS) – SAWS is designed to help minimize incidents on construction haul roads and intersection crossings. Through Smart Work Zone Technology, SAWS uses a traffic radar sensor to detect oncoming traffic and warn the traveling public of approaching dangers.
  • Connected Vehicle Interface – TAPCO’s Connected Vehicle Interface communicates with smart city roadside units to relay intelligent warning system activation data to connected vehicles via dedicated short range communication (DSRC), 4G or 5G cellular networks providing driver with instant vehicle alerts.
  • 13W Top of Pole Self Contained Control Cabinet – TAPCO’s 13W Top of the Pole Self-Contained Control Cabinet combines a highly efficient solar engine and TACPO's control architecture into a sleek, lightweight and durable polycarbonate enclosure. This solution can power and control multiple pedestrian and driver safety alert solutions including LED-enhanced signage, circular beacons, and rectangular repid flashing beacons.
  • Eco Synchro 4D - Dicke Safety Products’ Eco Synchro 4D combines the wireless sequential technology of the SynchroGUIDE™ with the dusk till dawn operation of the AC4D™ to produce a new wireless sequential taper guide LED lamp solely geared to nighttime work zone operations.
  • Traffic Pro Beds – Traffic Pro Bed is a redesign of a standard truck bed to make it more efficient and safer for use in traffic control. Personnel are better protected and the amount of time to set up a work zone is reduced.
  • 3M(TM) Connected Roads Contrast Tape Series 380ADAS – 3M’s Series 380ADAS Contrast Tape is designed to support Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keeping Systems, while providing human drivers maximum visibility in day and nighttime, both dry and wet conditions.
  • Oralite 5935 Hurricane Evacuation Sheeting – Orafol Americas’ Oralite 5935 is a unique fluorescent pink sheeting designed to guide the driving public during a hurricane evacuation.
  • HV2 Safety Barrier – Saferoads’ HV2 Safety Barrier HV2 is a free standing temporary longitudinal barrier system successfully crash tested to MASH TL-4. The patented hybrid technology, and unique connectors, allow HV2 to offer high containment and low deflection.
  • Presence Light – Ver-Mac’s Presence PPL-1000 is a compact, battery-powered portable presence light. Presence lighting allows the motoring public to visually see from a distance an upcoming nighttime lane closure.
  • Road Guardian – Road Guardian LLC’s product is a patented and patent pending durable lightweight two-piece lighted flagger sign that not only makes motorist aware of a flagger but also controls traffic with the command signal most recognized by all motorists.
  • New Raised and Recessed Snow Plowable Pavement Markers – Marker One’s reflector housings highlight a large hole in the housing floor. Upon road installation this opening permits passage of road adhesive which simultaneously bonds the reflector and it's housing to the pavement.
  • RapidPlan Online - Invarion Inc.’s RapidPlan Online is a new web-based application enabling traffic control professionals to draw detailed traffic control plans directly onto maps (Google Maps or Mapbox).
  • Next Generation Traffic Cone - UAT LLC’s Next Generation Traffic Cone has a patent-pending Easy Grip Top that makes it easy to grasp, even when hands are wet or greasy, retroflective 3M™ collars, interior cross-hatching to prevent stacked cones from sticking, and recessed bands that protect the reflective coating when stacked.
  • CG10 PVC Guardrail - Caris Guardrail Co., Ltd’s CG10 PVC Guardrail is a combination of specially developed raw materials with an internal honey comb structure and provides the superior impact absorption and very safe from the vehicles and motor bikes and with a lighter weight than the steel guardrails.

“The NPRO event is a great opportunity for roadway safety professionals and the media to take a look at products that are advancing roadway safety and working Toward Zero Deaths on our nation’s roadways. We hope you’ll join us in Booth #148 on Feb. 10 to see live presentations of these devices,” said ATSSA’s Director of New Programs Brian Watson.

Media is welcome to attend the NPRO event. All interested members of the media must contact to receive media credentials for the event. Credentials are limited to the Traffic Expo show floor and does not extend to other events during ATSSA’s 49th Annual Convention & Traffic Expo.

For more information about ATSSA’s 49th Annual Convention & Traffic Expo, visit

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