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Understanding People: It's Easier Than You Think

Education Session Highlights – ATSSA’s 51st Annual Convention & Traffic Expo

By Coach Kim Giles, 12 Shapes Inc.

No matter what you do, you have to interact with people at some level. Whether these people are managers, co-workers, customers, or clients, they complicate what you do.

Would you like to understand human behavior at a whole new level, so you can clearly see what’s driving their behavior and how best to address them?

I am a human behavior expert and the founder of three leading edge companies in the field. After 25 years speaking, writing, and researching people and why they do what they do, I can tell you that understanding people is much easier than you think.

All of our behavior is driven by either a fear or a value system (or both). This is simple, because there are only two core fears and four basic value systems in play. These are easy to learn and identify, and in my Feb. 16 presentation at ATSSA’s 51st Annual Convention & Traffic Expo I will show you all the tricks that make reading behavior accurately so easy.

For now, I’d like to share the four value systems that drive human behavior and encourage you to see which feels most like you. They are:

People Driven Values – If this is your main value system you love to connect, communicate and spend time with others, as much as possible. You are highly social and could even place talking to people above getting things done.

Task Driven Values – If this is your value system, you live by a To Do list and you can’t relax with tasks undone. You might place getting things done before showing up for people.

Things Driven Values – You might be an artist, an inventor, or someone who highly values appearance, nice things, and being successful. You might be someone who places looking good or being number one before anything else.

Ideas Driven Values – You might love education, research, knowledge, beliefs, values, virtues, principles, advocacy and learning, and you might have a strong need to be right about what you think. You might be someone who lacks respect for people with certain belief systems.

Understanding which value system is core for you, will help you understand why you spend your time and focus where you do. It also helps you understand the people around you, and why they prioritize life as they do. Before you attend my presentation you might want to visit and take the free 12 Shapes Quiz. Understanding your shape will tell you your value system and your core fear and give you a unique glimpse into your own behavior.

Please join me for an entertaining presentation to improve your people skills and help you become the best version of yourself you possibly can.

Check out this and other sessions at ATSSA’s 51st Annual Convention & Traffic Expo, held online Feb. 8-12 and 16-18. Take this opportunity to make vital connections with members of the roadway safety infrastructure industry.

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