Chapter Meeting Materials
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 Oct 24, 2018  HOA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Save the Date
Chapter News
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Oct 4, 2018 Kansas Members: Urgent news from Economic Lifelines
Sep 6, 2018 Breaking MoDOT News - Proposition D
Aug 21, 2018 Economic Lifelines - The departure of Tara Mays and introduction of Ed DeSoignie
Aug 9, 2018 State-wide schedule of and participation instructions for the KS Joint Legislative Transportation Vision Task Force
June 18, 2018 IMPORTANT: Message from Missouri DOT JSP for Temporary Pavement Marking Paint
May 14-21, 2018 News from Economic Lifelines - National Infrastructure Week Governor Colyer signs Activation of Transportation Task Force
May 9, 2018 News from Economic Lifelines - Kansas House Sub SB SB391 / Activation of the Transportation Task Force
May 7, 2018 News from Economic Lifelines - "Build A Vision" Update
Mar 28, 2018 News from Economic Lifelines - Kansas SB 391
Mar 15, 2018 News from Economic Lifelines - Kansas HB 2775
Feb 5, 2018 News from Economic Lifelines - Kansas SB 285
Jan 22, 2018 News from MoDOT - Pending Change to Contrast Pavement Marking Specification
Chapter Archives
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Jul 10-12, 2018

HOA Chapter Meeting Summary

HOA Golf Event Sponsors

HOA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Agenda

HOA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting, Fishing and Golf Event Sponsors

Apr 4, 2018

HOA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary

HOA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Agenda; Economic Lifelines will be present to discuss their new "Build a Vision" initiatve

Jan 16, 2018 HOA-ATSSA Advocacy Day partnership with Economic Lifelines in Topeka, KS
Jan 10, 2018

HOA-ATSSA Chapter Meeeting Summary

HOA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Agenda

Oct 11, 2017

HOA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary

HOA_ATSSA Chapter Agenda

Jul 11-13, 2017

HOA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary

HOA-ATSSA Meeting Agenda

Chapter Resources
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  ATSSA Vendor Presentation Policy
Jul 2018 HOA-ATSSA Chapter Bylaws
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