Cooperative Automated Transportation (CAT)

Cooperative Automated Transportation

Roadway safety in a cooperative automated world

Highway automation is not years away, or even days away. It’s here now, causing a number of state transportation agencies to react with initiatives related to preparing and supporting Connected Automated Vehicles (CAVs) on U.S. roadways.

Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs)

Cooperative Automated Transportation (CAT) deals with CAVs, which are vehicles capable of driving on their own with limited or no human involvement in navigation and control. Per the definition adopted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are six levels of automation (Levels 0-2: driver assistance and Levels 3-5: HAV), each of which requires its own specification and marketplace considerations.

Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) and Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs)

For traffic safety, vehicle-to-everything communications is the wireless exchange of critical safety and operational data between vehicles and anything else. The "X" could be roadway infrastructure, other vehicles, roadway workers or other safety and communication devices. ATSSA members are at the forefront of these technologies, and are working with stakeholders across new industries to see these innovations come to life.

Sensor Technology

CAVs rely on three main groups of sensors: camera, radar, and Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR). The camera sensors capture moving objects and the outlines of roadway devices to get speed and distance data. Short- and long-range radar sensors work to detect traffic from the front and the back of CAVs. LIDAR systems produce three-dimensional images of both moving and stationary objects.

For more information about ATSSA’s efforts on CAT and CAV’s and their interaction with our member products check out the resources below.


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ATSSA announces 2020 New Products Rollout participants

Exhibitors to showcase most innovative products in roadway safety infrastructure industry

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. (Jan. 21, 2020) – The American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) selected 20 companies to participate in its 2020 New Products Rollout event, which is held in conjunction with the 50th Annual Convention & Traffic Expo on Jan. 26 in booth #1679 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans.

Each year, more than 3,500 people attend the largest roadway safety tradeshow in North America to see some of the latest innovations in the roadway safety infrastructure industry. The products submitted as part of NPRO are comprised of a wide range of devices designed to save lives on our nation’s roadways.

“The 2020 lineup for ATSSA’s New Products Rollout features products that provide a snapshot of some of the latest advancements made in the past year,” said ATSSA Director of Innovation & Technical Services Eric Perry. “The show floor will be full of similar devices but this event provides a great opportunity to hear firsthand how these products work and the benefits of using them.”

NPRO participants will provide short presentations on their products in front of Traffic Expo judges and attendees from 1-5:30 p.m. on Jan. 26. The top three products will be announced as winners of the ATSSA Innovation Awards on Jan. 28.

The participants and products for the 2020 New Products Rollout are:

Company: BASF Construction Solutions
Product: ACRONAL Xpress 4347, an acrylic copolymer designed for fast-drying waterborne traffic paint.
Booth: #1442

Company: Bone Safety Signs
Product: SSFWWD - Smart Solutions for Wrong Way Driving, a series of devices that address the issue of ramp access for wrong way drivers.
Booth: #1031

Company: Dynatech
Product: NanoWave PCD Head System - used on smaller heads for scarifier machines and larger heads for trucks, riders and attachments.
Booth: #755

Company: EnDiSys
Product: Big Ace Pump - the largest epoxy/polyurea pump on the market.
Booth: #1355

Company: Haltzgloves LLC
Product: Haltzgloves Full Glove - reflective safety gloves.
Booth: #1564

Company: HB Fuller
Product: Fast 2K Sign Post Anchor - an alternative solution to concrete to make sign installation efficient.
Booth: #1718

Company: Hill & Smith
Product: Black Base Cone - the newest member of their Work Area Protection brand’s ZoneCone Series, which features their original All Orange Cone.
Booth: #1501

Company: Hill & Smith
Product: Connected Lane Closure System - provides the user with a connected arrow-board and a connected traffic drum thus enabling stakeholders to see all lane closures on their project via a web-based interface.
Booth: #1501

Company: Hiro International, LLC
Product: HERO-NET Reflective Fence/Net - patented, lightweight, reflective, and easy-to-handle fencing.
Booth: #301

Company: Hog Technologies
Product: Thermo Hog - melts and applies thermoplastic up to 14,000 lbs. per hour.
Booth: #901

Company: Impact Recovery Systems
Product: OmegaPost - a high-speed delineator that rebounds to full upright position even after sustaining more than 200 hits at 70 mph.
Booth: #1003

Company: Lindsay Transportation Solutions
Product: ABSORB-M Water-Filled Crash Cushion - a non-redirective, water-filled crash cushion system.
Booth: #409

Company: Marker One
Product: Raised & Recessed Pavement Reflectors - a “paradigm shift” in pavement markings.
Booth: #1968

Company: Nite Beam Products
Product: LED Hi Vis Rain Suit (jacket and pants) - a suit for adverse weather conditions and low visibility that is USB chargeable, has three different lighting modes, and is machine washable.
Booth: #1119

Company: Pi Variables
Product: AIMS - a small electronic device that attaches to any attenuator and, upon impact, sends a text message and email to predefined personnel.
Booth: #1139

Company: Royal Innovative Solutions
Product: Virtual Reality Training - interactive programs simulate real-life scenarios like retrieving cones from the roadway with traffic passing at low to high speeds.
Booth: #612

Company: Striping Service and Supply
Product: Name to be revealed - highly conspicuous LED lighting and a five-color, full matrix message board combine to alert traffic of an upcoming lane closure.
Booth: #665

Company: TAPCO
Product: Safewalk Crosswalk Illuminator - increases pedestrian visibility at poorly lit, two-lane crossings.
Booth: #1343

Company: TRF Industries
Product: Turbo Road Flare - an electronic road flare with a patent pending.
Booth: #1748

Company: VER-MAC
Product: Smart Arrow Board/Work Zone Location Sensor System - designed to inform government agencies and the motoring public they are entering a work zone.
Booth: #319

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