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Signs are important fixtures that help advance roadway safety every day throughout the United States. Today, a variety of symbols, shapes and colors are used to convey messages to users on and around the roadways. Signs types include traffic, roadway, warning, railroad, guide, recreational, temporary, regulatory, pedestrian and bicycle.

There are many benefits to using symbols, which include immediate communication with all roadway users and their ability to break language barriers. Colors can communicate approaching scenarios such as using orange to indicate an upcoming work zone or red for an upcoming stop or yielding point. A number of shapes are also used to indicate oncoming situations or to provide roadway users with information such as octagons for stop and long horizontal, rectangular signs displaying guidance information.

Today, traffic signs are being looped into the world of autonomous driving technology. Research efforts are being made to equip traffic signs with technology, like embedded machine-readable codes, to allow them to communicate with Connected Automated Vehicles (CAVs) and other mapping devices.

ATSSA has dedicated group of members on its Sign Committee (member login required), who work to:

  • Enhance members’ businesses by increasing their understanding of traffic control devices on private property,
  • Influence the present and future direction of Minimum Retroreflectivity Standards,
  • Inform and educate roadway safety industry members on sign industry-related matters,
  • Provide knowledge and education about signing retroreflectivity,
  • Work to have dedicated funds identified and available for sign management systems and the implementation of upgraded programs to conform with MRS,
  • Monitor and influence the development of a new MUTCD chapter on changeable message signs, and
  • Improve upon and solicit greater committee member participation in Sign Committee meetings and on task forces, including recruitment of new committee members.


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FHWA issues MUTCD ruling on ‘Uses of and Nonstandard Syntax on Changeable Message Signs’

The Federal Highway administration issued a Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices or Streets and Highways (MUTCD) official ruling this week pertaining to syntax on changeable message sign messaging.

Official Ruling No. 2(09)-174 provides an official interpretation for the question of “whether the MUTCD provides for displays on changeable message signs (CMS) that use unconventional wording typically not found on standard signing and how public input into the development of CMS messages may be used.”

The ruling provides background and guidance for state and local agencies to properly implement the messaging on traffic safety devices. It notes that the devices should not contain advertising or messages unrelated to traffic control and then reviews the five principles for an effective traffic control device: fulfill a need; command attention; convey a clear, simple meaning; command respect from road users; and give adequate time for proper response.

It then offers examples of when the characteristics are applied properly applied and the harm that can come from employing devices improperly. It also outlines:

  • Effective and safe uses of CMS
  • Guidance for designing sign messages
  • Principal uses of CMS
  • Acceptable secondary uses of CMS

The ruling concludes, “As official traffic control devices, it is important that all the allowable types of messages displayed on these signs adhere to the most fundamental principles of effective traffic control devices, among which are relevance and timeliness, simplicity and familiarity of message, minimization of legend elements and complexity, and consistency with other types of signs. To maintain the integrity and effectiveness of CMS, prudent judgment should be employed in the determination of the use of CMS as well as the content and syntax of messages displayed thereupon.”

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