Executive Overview of ATSSA’s Traffic Signal Training Courses

Executive Overview of ATSSA’s Traffic Signal Training Courses

This 20-minute webinar recording is designed to market ATSSA’s traffic signal training opportunities. Decision-makers and agency leadership will benefit from the information provided in this overview by gaining a solid understanding of the concepts presented in the courses that comprise ATSSA's Traffic Signal Training Courses. This free, informational webinar is presented as an overview of traffic signal operations and technologies for supervising engineers, managers and maintenance technician supervisors that make resource-based decisions on the types of technologies to implement. The webinar provides a broad overview of technologies such as signal phasing and timing data for connected vehicles, automated traffic signal performance measures, signal synchronization and optimization, and other hardware and software that can optimize operations and reduce management and maintenance costs.


Target Audience: Decision-makers and leadership within state and local transportation agencies, consultants and metropolitan planning organizations.


Webinar Facts:

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Length: 20 minutes
  • Formats: Webinar video recording
  • Registration Fees: None


Watch the webinar recording below or watch on Vimeo.