Work Zone Safety App

ATSSA has released a Work Zone Safety App! Developed under the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Work Zone Safety Grant, this FREE app can help you:

  • Quickly determine both minimum device spacing and minimum number of devices needed for merging, shifting, shoulder, or flagger operations.
  • Calculate the number of devices you need.
  • Customize your results to incorporate local standards.
  • Learn about and apply best practices for stationary lane closures and short duration operations.
  • Set up temporary traffic control areas.
  • Visit iTunes to download the FREE app today.
  • Information about and links to the app are also available on



ATSSA's new Work Zone Safety Application Suite was developed under the FHWA Work Zone Safety Grant and serves as a handy tool to swiftly calculate the basic component parts of a typical roadway work zone, in accordance with the MUTCD.

For more information about grant training, please call 540-368-1701 or email


FHWA Work Zone Safety Grant #DTFH61-16-RA-00018